We welcome you to this site of High Wycombe & District Cage Bird Society dedicated to keeping birds in the best condition. We are friends of all types of Bird Keepers, Exhibitors and Members of the public involved in Aviculture and Pet Birds.

SELLERS -  Email sales@hwbbs.co.uk  your birds ad goods will be entered onto the website, please include the price sought for your sale birds / items.

BUYERS  to SELLERS ITEMS/BIRDS - Email sales@hwbbs.co.uk with the bird/item you would like, the seller will be contacted, once te seller confirms agreement you will receive an email from sales@hwbbs.co.uk that agreement has been made and the bird/item will be at the next club meeting.

1/  For sale: 90 litres bale of sawdust, this is "gold" softwood sawdust and claimed to be "dust free". £12 per bale. Brought to our month meetings.