We welcome you to this site of High Wycombe & District Cage Bird Society dedicated to keeping birds in the best condition. We are friends of all types of Bird Keepers, Exhibitors and Members of the public involved in Aviculture and Pet Birds.

                                        High Wycombe Cage Bird Society present officers are: 

 Mr Brian Hogg  Chairman (Life Member)      

  Mrs Shireen Hogg Club Treasurer                        

     Ron Pearce  Vice Chairman                               

      Mr Mark Denton Club Secretary                          

 Mick Stone Patronage, Publicity & Membership Sec (Life Member)   

     Barry Clark Show Secretary    

    Roger Carr Show Manager & President 2017                                

       Keith Atkinson Club Trophy Steward & Tea Steward                                     

       Joe Edwards Elect President 2018

                                                      Club Members Committee


      Joe Edwards                           Chris Smith                         Keith Atkinson              Mick Stone


         Ron Pearce                            John Wood                            Marc Beckingham           Tony Horton