We welcome you to this site of High Wycombe & District Cage Bird Society dedicated to keeping birds in the best condition. We are friends of all types of Bird Keepers, Exhibitors and Members of the public involved in Aviculture and Pet Birds.

HW CBS Tel No...070538234956

NEW MEMBERS contact Mark Denton   dentonsnape@hotmail.com    or 01494 815586


PATRONAGE & PUBLICITY plus any further details contact Mick Stone   birdmanhw@gmail.com

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Club Telephone No 07811321328

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  • Keith Atkinson                          (President 2019)
  • Ron Pearce                               (Chairman) e-mail : ronneypearce@msm.com Tel: 07966134230
  • Mark Denton                             (Club Secretary & Social Sec) e-mail : dentonsnape@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 01494 815586
  • Mrs Shareen Hogg                     (Treasurer)
  • Roger Carr                                (Show Manager & President 2017)
  • Keith Atkinson & John Wood    (Assistant Show Managers)
  • Mark Denton & Keith Atkinson (Club Auditors
  • Mick Stone                                (Patronage, Publicity Officer & Membership Secretary) 
  •                                                    e-mail  birdmanhw@gmail.com  (Tel: 07973785863)
  • Barry Clark                               (Show Secretary) Tel: 07897428951
  • Keith Atkinson                          (Trophy Steward)
  • Members Committee                Mick Stone, Chris Smith, Keith Atkinson, Ron Pearce, Joe Edwards, John Wodd
  •                                                  Tony Horton & Marc Beckingham.

* Club Life Members                            Mr John Croft (Long standing Club Member)

                                             Mr Geoff Deeble (Former Show Secretary)

                                            Mr Mick Stone (Long standing Club Member)

                                             Mr Joe Edwards (Long standing Club Member)