We welcome you to this site of High Wycombe & District Cage Bird Society dedicated to keeping birds in the best condition. We are friends of all types of Bird Keepers, Exhibitors and Members of the public involved in Aviculture and Pet Birds.

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                                           Official Club Photograph 2017                         

Brian Hogg (Chairman) Winner of our Canary Unflighted (2017 Birds) Table Show, being presented with the Club trophy by President Mr Roger Carr. 

                                      Winning bird Gloster Canary.


Our display of Birds at this years Hazlemere Fete and competition for the Keith Garrett   Memorial Trophy judged by club members & fete public. 1st place (24pts) Mick Stone (Fawn Bengalese) 2nd (21pts) Ryan Leinweber (Gouldian Finch) 3rd (19pts) Keith Atkinson (Self Blue Fife). Grateful  thanks to those members who helped especially the Leinweber family who worked outstanding on the tombola.