We welcome you to this site of High Wycombe & District Cage Bird Society dedicated to keeping birds in the best condition. We are friends of all types of Bird Keepers, Exhibitors and Members of the public involved in Aviculture and Pet Birds.


Many of our club members have very successfully bred birds for many years. Successful bird breeding is about  providing the right environment and nutrition, especially show birds which are the equivalent of pedigree dogs with all the attention required. Come along to our monthly members meetings and you'll find decades of hands on bird care information willingly and freely available. Some of the basics are:

SPACE. Many domesticated birds have been in captivity for hundreds, in some cases thousands of year, they are very used to confined spaces, however virtually every breeder will tell you an un exercised bird and hence unfit will be a poor breeder, indicating that exercise is good for a bird's well being.

DIET. Not indifferent to ourselves variety is important, the scope of that variety depends on the bird being kept, again not unlike ourselves if that diet is very restricted then vitamin and mineral supplements are frequently included to make up for deficits.

GRIT etc. Birds do not have teeth and many birds are seed eaters, seeds are not very digestible and with no teeth to break the seed up they swallow grit, they then use the grit in their gut to grind up the seeds. Out in the wild birds have to work much harder to gain there food, during this activity they are continuously wearing down their claws and bills, incapability with a much easier lifestyle you have to ensure yo provide facilities for a bird to wear the bill down and you may find you need to trim toenails.

MIXING. Again ask advice, some birds are happy in colony, in many cases two cocks in the space will do their best to kill each other. Some varieties happily mix others will never be happy with one another.

    We recommend our Societies Official Veterinary service should you have any problems and need vets advice:

                                                    CROSSROADS VETERINARY CENTRE


                                                           MAIN SURGERY: 54 WEST WYCOMBE RD, HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS

                                               HIGH WYCOMBE:                  01494 459095

                                               HAZLEMERE:                         01494 718700

                                              WATLINTON (OXON):          01491 612799