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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fellow club member Robin Hurworths artical on

  White Canaries 

There are two types of white canary

1 Dominant white

2 recessive white

Dominant white as the name implies means that one of the birds must be white to produce whites, you cannot have a bird which looks normal carrying the dominant white factor it is it is either white or normal ie yellow or buff.  The most common pairing to produce whites is white to clear buff this will give a proportion of whites and buffs. One of the features of all dominant whites is yellow on the edges of the wing flights and tail feathers and sometimes yellow on the wing butts and around the head area.  When two dominant whites are paired together they do not breed true because they carry a yellow factor so the theoretical results are 25% normal yellows 50% dominant whites and 25% non-viable whites . Everyone confused now!!! Look out for the recessive white write up that will get you going any queries contact me on robinhurworth@tiscali .co.uk

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