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Zebra Finches and why not.......... !

 Most people i have met during my years in our hobby have told me that they refer to Zebra Finches as " Squeak, Squeak"  Flying Mice..."No chance" they say. How wrong are these sad people. I will argue for these interesting cobby Australian finches. First of all these birds can be quite interesting to say the least.....Yes theirs thousands from John O'Groast to Lands End. but not the specialist exhibition type...Yes they do go "Squeak, Squeak", but that's their way of communicating with one another, Its not not a fault. It's their way of informing each other what's happening around them. I must say not many finches talk to each other like Zebras do.

For a small bird Zebra Finches are one of our few exhibition examples that can carry so many show faults.....Plumage, Markings, Colour Standard, Flat Heads, Dropped Tails,To much Wing, To much Leg, Brest Bars, Thin Types, Flanking, Chesty, Laying across the Perch, Thin Tear Drops, Thin Bodied, Crossed Winged...I could go on and on. so what a challenge for us all to try and over come just to get it right. Remember you have to show them in pairs not like most other British, Canaries, Budgerigars and 90% Foreign...Yes and they both have to match well. then theirs colour mutations like the Pied's for instant, you could breed hundreds before you manage to get a pair with the same marking correctly. Most people right off these birds without ever trying to under stand them. I have seen over the years some truly super examples, like a pair benched at a South Coast open bird show many years back, the exhibitor there was a Champion Breeder Martin Bird who had just won the top prize at the National Zebra Finch show. When these birds come up for best in show they where rejected probably because they where though of as "Squeak, Squeaks", to me they had to be given the top award as they where outstanding. This I feel is so sad, I believe It's nearly always the judges fault and not the birds their viewing, as they rarely understand these type of finches.......who would be brave enough to have given Zebras the title of Best in Open Show then have their name published in Cage & Aviary Birds as being a judge on the day !...so I'll leave that argument their on the these little finches.......I've had my say, but judges try to find out more about these intelligent birds.

A good tip given to me many years ago by a top Zebra exhibitor was always keep the pair you want to show apart until show day. Then as the cock is introduce to It's new partner he should start to display and show his wonderful plumage. Hopefully throughout the event and just as the judge cast his eyes on these birds, but be warned make certain the hen is not the type to pluck the tail feathers of the cock as sometimes they do.....so give them a run at least 6 to 8 weeks before, and get them ready for the big day this will also let you have with enough time for new feathers if she is a naughty wife!

Breeding of exhibition Zebras should always be controlled in separate cages, as these finches are very territorial. they will not only stand up against one another the'll also chase off birds over twice their size. Finally make certain you find out more regarding different types of mutations, this can be very handy when you breed various types. Another strange fact I have noted is ......the first pair I purchased in the 1960's cost me around £2.50p in to-days money...In nearly 50 years these same birds could cost you around the same price £2.50p from a bird fair or auction, but be warned they would only be ..........."Squeak, Squeak Flying Mice"

Mick Stone.......



Bengalese Finches Self Chocolate 2013. Also called the Society Finch because of it's calm helpful nature in fostering and rearing young of other species. Often found breeding in collective groups sometimes with several birds in one nest box. I recommend that every finch keeper with either an aviary or breeding cages should keep a few of these delightful birds.Originally thought to appeared from the Far East several hundred years ago and are not found in the wild but developed from manikins.